In April 2013 Swecem established a dispatch center in Helsingborg in south Sweden.  From 2018-04-01 GGBFS is imported from Ireland. More about GGBFS here

The discharging of GGBFS is done in a closed system all the way from the bulk carrier to the storage silo and from the silo to the bulkt truck. This gives a a dry product and a dust-free working environment. The discharging from the silo to the bulk truck is handled by an automatic system, where the driver uses their personal login information. Loading can be done 24/7 and a bulk truck at 42 tonnes takes 20 minutes to load.

Bureau Veritas has certified the terminal in Helsingborg.

Swecem delivers GGBFS from Helsingborg to customers throughout Götaland.


Henrik Palmkvist

Logistics Manager

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