2020-10-29 Swecem delivers materials for a new port terminal in Gothenburg.

Bild Arendal.jpg

The new port terminal in Arendal area in the port of Gothenburg is expected to be ready in September 2021 and will correspond to an area of ​​approximately 30 football pitches. Peab is in full swing transporting 250,000 m3 of dredged material from adjacent waterways that will form the basis of the terminal, which will be strengthened and stabilized with the help of binders from Swecem. 150 kg of binder / m3 will be used, which corresponds to 19,500 tonnes of slag and 29,300 tonnes of cement.

- The project's production rate means that with the help of BulkTEAM we will deliver up to 540 tonnes of slag and cement per day from mid-September to the end of January, with the exception of a two-week Christmas break, says Ludwig Zetterström, CEO of Swecem.

The arrangement means that a large part of the material is in motion, which puts the communication to the test, where everyone involved needs to have a close dialogue about which material is where and when it will be delivered. To ensure the availability of the high production rate, Swecem uses binders from different places. The slag comes from our terminal in Helsingborg and the cement comes from Cementa's factory in Skövde.

- We are proud to be able to participate and contribute to a sustainable expansion of the port of Gothenburg, where the pollutants of the dredged material are encapsulated with the help of our binders through Peab's proprietary technology ProSol. The slag is a by-product from the steel industry that comes in handy and reduces the use of new materials, says Ludwig Zetterström.

Ludwig Zetterström



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